Epson T20II
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Do you have a new Epson T20ii printer?
Here you have an easy guide to get it set up to run with Shopbox.

First we need to prepare the printer.
This is how it's done:

  1. Connect the printer to power.

  2. Insert an "Ethernet cable" that runs from your printer to your network device.

  3. Insert a receipt roll into the printer. If in doubt check out the image below.

Now we can start downloading driver for printer.

You can download the "Epson net config" program here.

After installation, do the following:

  1. Open "Epson net-config".

  2. Let the program search for your printer.

  3. Double-click the printer.

  4. Let it connect to the printer.

  5. Under the field "TCP / IP" select "Basic".

  6. Click "Automatic" at the top for the printer to find an IP address.

  7. Click "Transmit" at the bottom.

  8. Click "OK".

  9. Click "Refresh" to see if it's online.

  10. Open Shopbox.

  11. Click on the white printer icon in the black bar.

  12. Click on "Main Printer".

  13. Click the reload button (semicircle ending in an arrow).

  14. Click "Click here to select printer".

  15. Select TM-T20ii (XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX).

  16. Click "Save".

  17. Click "Yes" to connect and make a test print.

Now your printer is connected to Shopbox

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