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MPOP Troubleshoot
MPOP Troubleshoot

Here are a few tips for an MPOP that provide challenges

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MPOP is not connected to Shopbox:

  1. Close Shopbox

  2. Open "Settings on the iPad

  3. Select "Bluetooth"

  4. Check if "Star MPOP" is connected. If not, press it to reconnect.

  5. If this does not work, restart both iPad and printer and start over

  6. Now that it is connected, leave "settings"

  7. Open Shopbox

  8. Tap the white printer icon at the top of the screen Press

  9. "Main printer"

  10. Press the reload button (half circle ending in an arrow)

  11. Click on the field that says "Click here to select printer"

  12. Select the printer "BT Star MPOP" Press "OK"

  13. Press "SAVE" Press "Yes" to connect and make a test print

  14. Now that you have connected the printer, exit the printer settings by pressing the arrow pointing to the left

MPOP flashes red

If your MPOP flashes red at the top, this is either because the paper stock is low or it is incorrectly seated. If in doubt, you can see how it should fit in the picture below.

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