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IPP350 Bambora Troubleshoot
IPP350 Bambora Troubleshoot

Here you have an overview of Error Codes & Fixes for your Bambora IPP350 terminal

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To check if the terminal is working, first thing we need to do is navigate to your Shopbox app

  1. Open Shopbox and login with your account.

  2. Go to Settings in the menu on the left side

  3. Press Cardterminalsettings

  4. Press Test connection

  5. If you receive a red error box in the top right corner, control that Ip Adress and Port is filled out.

  6. The port should always be 1337 - to check your Ip Adress navigate to your card terminal:

On your card terminal:

  1. Press the Menu button

  2. Insert code 2020 and press the green button

  3. Press "3" for Help

  4. Scroll down to No.11 by using F2

  5. Write down the Ip Adress (Eksample:

Go to your iPad:

  1. Insert the Ip Adress you wrote down, under cardterminalsettings

  2. If your Ip Adress says then make sure to exclude the 0 infront of the numbers, so =

  3. Press Test Connection.

  4. Now you should receive a blue box in the right corner, that says "Terminal Connected"

    If you are having any other errors with the terminal, as rejected payments or more
    please look at our description below

    The good thing about a Bambora terminal is that it can directly tell us what makes it not work properly. For information on this do the following:

  1. Go to your terminal. Press the "Menu" button in the lower left corner.

  2. Enter the code "2020".

  3. Press the "F2" button to scroll down to No. 4 "Settings".

  4. Press "OK" (the green button) to enter "Settings".

  5. Press the "F2" button to go down to No. 4 called "Dianogstics".

  6. Let it run a diagnostic to tell where it is failing.

  7. Cause of the errors can be seen below.

TMS-Ping error: The terminal does not have a network.

  1. Try to check if the power cord is properly seated in the Magic box.

  2. Check if the cable is properly seated in the network device (Router or Switch).

  3. If necessary, try replacing the cable if the above did not work.

Terminal keys:

IKFS / PKF keys:


Base24 Ping:

Sign in:

I can't see my transaction in shopbox, and im not sure if it went through

  1. Tag terminalen.

  2. Tryk på "MENU".

  3. Indtast koden "2020".

  4. Tryk på "2".

  5. Tryk på "3".

  6. Her kan du se seneste transaktion, og se længere tilbage ved at klikke "F2".

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