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How to get your new scanner to working in shopbox

  1. Hold down the "+" icon on the scanner for 5 seconds to turn it on

  2. Hold down the bluetooth icon for 5 seconds so it starts flashing quickly with a blue light

  3. Go to your iPad, open settings, go to "bluetooth" Under other devices, press CS4070

  4. Go to the App store, download Zebra Scanner Control

  5. Open your Zebra Scanner Control App

  6. Tap Connect at the top Select CS4070

  7. Then you should hear a loud sound illustrating the scanner is connected

  8. Double-tap the home button on your iPad to bring up your open Apps window

  9. Now swipe the Zebra app off the screen so it disappears completely.

  10. Open Shopbox Go to settings in the Shopbox app

  11. Go to Scanner Settings

  12. Tap the reload icon in the top right corner.

  13. Touch the field that says "Select Scanner"

  14. Select "Symbol Scanner"

  15. Now your scanner is connected in Shopbox.

    Remmember to create barcodes on your products for the scanner to recognize the scanning barcodes

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