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Importing product from CSV/XLSX
Importing product from CSV/XLSX

Here you can read about how to import products to Shopbox with csv/xlsx file

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Shopbox product import allows you to import your data from your CSV/XLSX file.

Product import allows you to import products to your Product catalogue and avoid lengthy manual product creation.

The CSV import process consists of:

  1. Preparing your CSV/XLSX file.

  2. Mapping the CSV/XLSX to the product fields.

Preparing your CSV/XLSX file

Shopbox importer assumes that your CSV/XLSX file is based off a default Microsoft Excel form. Further requirements for the specific field values are outlined below.

Spreadsheet file requirements

Each file must possess a heading row with one or more following columns (these columns can have arbitrary names and will be later mapped to the product attributes)

  • Category Name*

If you include the name of an existing category, this category will be used. In case the system cannot find the category, it will create new.

  • Product Name*

  • Official Name

If not defined, the official name will be the same as the product name.

  • Printer Name

If not defined, printer name will be the same as product name.

  • Price*

Enter the selling price as a number with maximum 2 decimal places. Use comma (,) or period (.) as a decimal separator. The same applies for Stock Price.

  • Stock Price

  • Unit

You can leave this field blank, or use one of the following units: G for grams, KG for kilograms, Hour for hours, ML for milliliters, L for liters, Day for days and Each for pieces.

  • Barcode

  • Sku Code

  • Tax Group

Tax group can be stated as a percentage amount (with or without “%”). If you use an existing Tax Group, this group will be used. In case the system cannot find the Tax Group, it will create new.

  • Norway only: Products can have the variable tax 25%/15%. In order to import such products, users need to create at least one item with variable tax manually. Then the columns with “takeaway” tax and “stay in” tax will appear for the importing. The takeaway tax can be only 15% and the stay in tax must be 25%. If some of your products have the only tax rate, then you need to map both tax fields with the same tax column in your source document.

  • Product Id

Product Id is a unique identifier for each product. It can be used to edit existing products by including the id of the product and the values to be edited in the same row. Product id of the existing products will be listed in a Product catalogue export. If you wish to create new products, don’t include this column. Please, make sure the id is correct, otherwise the import will be rejected.

Mapping the fields

After you upload the file, Shopbox importer will ask you to choose which fields from the file to map to corresponding fields of the Shopbox products. The fields marked with asterisk are mandatory and cannot be skipped. If you don’t map any field to the Product Id, note that Category, Product Name, Official Name, Price and Tax Group must be mapped. If you map Product Id and wish to not specify other fields, simply leave them blank.

After the import is done you will get the email which will state either success or fail with an explanation for the every affected row.

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