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Setup Tripletex Integration
Setup Tripletex Integration

How to setup Tripletex Integration

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Go to and create your tripletex account

When account is created:

Go to and login with your email and password
Navigate to "Integrations" in the left side
Press on "Tripletex"
Press on "Start" in the top right corner
Then you will see an empty Box where it will ask for Employee Token

To recieve Employee token

Log into your Tripletex account
Navigate to "Company" on the left side
Select "Our Customer Account"
Scroll down to "Modules and Additional Services"
Activate "API 2.0"

Now when API "2.0" is activated

Press your "Username" at the Top left corner
Press "My Profile"
Press "More"
Press "Api Access"
Press "New Token"
Mark the box "Adapted Setup"
Mark the box "All Entitlements"
Application name write: "Shopbox"
Give the token a name: "Shopbox"
Press "Create token"
Now copy your token

When you received your token
Insert the token into the empty "Employee token" box in
Press the green button down in the right corner
And now you will have to setup your accounts for the integration.

If you do not have experience with accounting, i will suggest you to call support or have your accountant take a look at it.

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