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Deactivate Mobilepayments on your SumUp account
Deactivate Mobilepayments on your SumUp account

This article describes how to disable mobile payment on Sum-Up

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When you press "Card" in your Shopbox app, you may find that you have both "Mobile payment" and "Card" to choose from.

If you would like to turn off Mobile Payment with a Sum Up terminal, it can be done as follows:

1. Go to App store, download the SumUp app
2. Open your SumUp app, now log in
3. Go to "More" in the bottom of the right side
4. Press Mobilepayment

5. Press "Deactive Mobilepayment" If you have made an mobilepayment, you will need to press the settings icon in the top right corner and then remove the mark on mobilepayment
6. Close down your SumUp app

7. Delete the SumUp app

8. Open your Shopbox App

9. Do a test transaction to confirm it works

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