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Setup digital Giftcards
Setup digital Giftcards

Here you can read about how to setup the digital giftcard and various settings

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You can easily edit this digital map:

  1. Go to Store Settings via your backoffice

   2. Go to “stores

    3. ”Click on the “pen” on the right side of the shop that can be used to design               receipt prints

Picture 1: Edit store settings

Enter the information below

  • Store name: Will appear on both printed and digital receipts, gift cards and invoices

  • Email: Enter your store's email address (required)

  • Phone number: Enter your store's phone number if you want it displayed on your printed and digital receipt print, as well as on gift cards and invoices

  • Website: Enter your store's website address if you want it displayed on your printed and digital receipt print, as well as on gift cards and invoices

  • Address: The address will be displayed on printed and digital receipts, gift cards and invoices

  • City: Enter the business city (required)

  • Postcode: Enter the business postcode

Design your digital gift card

After filling out master data, scroll down until you see "Gift Certificate and Gift Certificate Settings", see image:

Here you can upload an image that will be displayed at the bottom of your digital gift cards. We recommend using png or jpg. In addition, you can add a message that will say on all issued gift cards. You can see all the changes you make in the box to the right. When done, press "Save" in the upper right corner

Put logo on your digital gift card page

 Do you want to change the logo on your page from which you sell your gift cards? Then go to "account settings" and select "business settings". Then you will get a field where you can upload your logo, then click save and your logo will appear on the page, see if applicable. picture.

Validity and Minimum Amount

Do you want to set the time for how long a gift card is valid?You can do this under Store settings.Select "Gift Cards and Coupons".Here you can choose how long a gift certificate must be valid from the issue, via the dropdown menu, here you can choose between 1 to 7 years validity from the date of issue.You can also mine. the amount for issuing gift vouchers must be at.For example, do you put this one at 50 kroner then you can not buy a gift card under 50 kroner.This applies to the digital gift card and those you issue through the Shopbox app.

Text to the page

By default, we insert the following text into your page:"Here you have the opportunity to purchase our digital gift card.Here's how it goes: After choosing the amount and purchasing the gift card, you will receive an email with your gift card. You can then print the gift card or display it on purchase.The gift card can be used in all of our stores and is valid for x number of years from the date of issue. "If you want something different, please contact us at

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