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Shop123 (web shop with full inventory sync)
Shop123 (web shop with full inventory sync)

Shop123 and Shopbox offer a fully integrated web shop and POS solution that synchronizes all products, orders and inventory

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Shop123 has been providing webshops since 2004 and specializes in webshops for physical stores.

Everyone gets a low transaction price and access to the most successful market tools without having to pay a high monthly price.


Your customers can now buy online and rely on up-to-date inventory information in real time, thus avoiding the hassle of two different inventory systems. The webshop can also send the goods directly to Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Setup and operation

You can create items in the online store or directly in the POS system. The goods are automatically synchronized and ready for sale immediately. When customers order online, the inventory is adjusted in the POS and online.


We have negotiated a special price in place and via Shopbox you can get the Shop123 solution for at low as 399 kroner a month and 4995 kroner in setup fee.
For anyone who needs the solution during the Corona shutdown, the first payment starts on 1/6 2020 and Shopbox gives the setup free of charge in March and April.

Get started!

If you have any questions about the solution then please call Shopbox on 31131515 or write to

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