Weorder (Online ordering)

Takeaway solution for restaurants and cafes, for online booking. The solution is integrated directly into the POS and has auto-sync.

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Weorder helps restaurants and takeaway locations increase sales with mobile order- and payment solutions. Through Shopbox's integration with Weorder, you can get a fully integrated solution with online orders in just a few clicks. Call or write to Shopbox if you want to start  with your very own online ordering platform without any upfront payment!


Weorder can retrieve your menu card from Shopbox with a click and it can then be set up in Weorder as you wish. The menu is then ready to be published online for your customers to start ordering online!


Once the integration is set up, all online orders would be entered directly into the iPad for approval and subsequent printing in the kitchen. This way you will have a fully integrated solution where you ensure your own processes and ensure that the customer is notified that the order has been received.


We have negotiated a special price in place and show Shopbox you can get the Weorder solution for DKK 399 a month and 6% on all sales (instead of 20-30% via JustEat and similar solutions).
In order for anyone who needs the solution during the Corona shutdown, the first payment will start on 1/6 2020.

Get started!

If you have any questions about the solution then please call Shopbox on 31790661 or write to support@shopbox.com

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