Giftcards and Coupons

This is an article of how you get an overview of your giftcards and coupons, and how you export them

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Want to get an overview of all issued gift cards and coupons in your store? First of all, log into and go to “Sales and Reports” and select “Gift Cards and Coupons” from the top menu. 


Here you will find an overview of all your issued gift cards. The overview shows, among other things: 

  • The Gift Card code 

  • Date of issue 

  • Status

  • Amount at issue

  • Gift Card History 

You have the opportunity to search for gift certificates by entering 

  • Gift card code

  • Name if added when issuing gift certificate Email if added when issuing gift certificate

 See purchases made on the gift card 

Need to get an overview of when a specific gift card e.g. has been used and for the purchase of which products, you can easily find this information as follows: 

  1. Find the desired gift card 

    2. Press the “clock” on the right side next to the desired gift card 

The transactions shown on the screen are all the transactions made on that gift card

 Select the transaction you want to look at by pressing the 'arrow' on the right

 Export gift card summary 

If you wish, you can always extract all gift cards made in Shopbox into an excel file. To do this, press the green arrow pointing down the right side of the screen. Xls file with the name "Gifts" will now be downloaded. Open it and you now have an excel file with your gift cards issued in Shopbox.

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