This is a guide to how you make filters, and apply them to your cash registers

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Do you have several boxes and possibly more stores where not all boxes sell the same?

Then filters are a great way for you to control what is displayed on which boxes so that you and your staff can only see it in need.

To set up filters, first go to and log in.

Then go to the product catalog on the left.

  • Press "Default" in the upper left corner.

  • Click on "Create New Filter" and name it.

  • Now press "Default" again and select the filter you want to edit.

  • Now the screen image will change and you can see a row called "Visible" with a small on / off button from all categories and products.

  • You can now choose which categories should be visible in this filter by pressing the small button next to.

  • If you go into the categories you can choose which products in the category you want to be visible.

  • When you have selected the products and categories that should be visible, press the button in the upper left corner again.

  • It is now called what you have named your filter.

  • Then press the small pencil from a filter

  • A pop-up window will open where you can see which filter is on which boxes.

  • Find the box(s) you want to change and select which filter they should be on in the drop-down menu next to that box.

  • Press "OK" in the right corner

  • On that box, just press "update box"

  • Now only the categories / products the filter has can be seen.

NOTE: If you add new products to your product catalog, they will not be visible in the filter until you go in and make them visible in the filter itself.

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