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Here you can read about various account settings.

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At, under Account Settings, you can adjust different things to your Shopbox user and business. 

 Here you can view and correct the information in your account, such as First name, Last name, email and telephone number. Do you want to change your password? You can do this by typing in the 3 fields below your account information, your old password, the desired password, and repeat it, to confirm your password and press the green "Save" button. 

Here you can see the information we have on your business. Here you can upload a logo, as well as master data on your business.

  • business Name 

  • Business Email 

  • Business Phone 

  • Number Business address 

 Under Report Settings, you can choose which reports you want Shopbox to send to you. Turnover Daily Report 

  • Turnover Weekly Report 

  • Turnover Monthly Report 

  • Treasurer report 

You can always turn on & off which reports you want to be automatically sent to your mail. By default, the Cashier Report is turned on. At the bottom you can see which mail they will be sent to. You can change this under Account settings -> General 

You can read about the various reports here:

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