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Create alternative payment types
Create alternative payment types

Do you need more payment types than Shopbox has as standard

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Payment types

If you take other types of payment than Shopbox has as standard, you have the option to create more options in the section called "Payment types".


Do you get payments of other currencies? Then you can create them with the correct exchange rate in "Payment types".

Shopbox doesn't update the currencies, that's something you'll have to do.

This is how you create a currency:

  1. Go to "Store settings" in your backoffice.

  2. Select "Payment types".

  3. Activate a payment type by "Swiping" the round button.

  4. Click on the penn/edit button.

  5. Change the name of the payment type.

  6. Activate "Use foreign currency".

  7. Activate "Use exchange rate" if you want to put in the exchange rate of the currency.

  8. Now Shopbox will translate your normal currency to the ones created, if they when you select that payment type in app.

Other payment types

If you are a Cafe' or Restaurant that has partnered with the likes of JustEat, Wolt or Doordash, it's a good idea to create a payment button so you can keep track of your sales from other platforms that's not intergrated with Shopbox.

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