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Miura (Yourpay) Terminal
Miura (Yourpay) Terminal

A quick-step guide to connect your terminal with your iPad

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Pairing the Terminal with your iPad

  1. Unbox your terminal, and connect the charger.

  2. Turn on your iPad.

  3. Open "Settings".

  4. Select "Bluetooth" on the left-hand side.

  5. When the terminal start, a blue light is blinking on the right of the screen. If not hold the button down until it starts.

  6. Turn the attention to the iPad again. This time there should be a device called "Miura-XXXX". Press on that.

  7. A box appears with a 5-cifre code. Check that both iPad and terminal shows the same numbers.

  8. If they do, press the green "verification" button on the terminal and the "Pair" button shown under the box on the iPad.

  9. Now it should say "Connected" on the iPad, and the device listed in a section called "My Devices". If not, repeat from step 5.

Activating terminal in Shopbox App

  1. Leave Bluetooth, and open Shopbox App.

  2. Press on the "+" botton above the basket on the right-hand side.

  3. Enter the price 0,10. 

  4. In "Note" section, write "Activation".

  5. Press "OK".

  6. Press "Card" to pay with card.

  7. There should be a Pop-up window saying "Downloading keys". Keep that window on the screen.

  8. After 30-45 seconds the amount should appear on the terminal. 

  9. You can either press cancel on the iPad, or complete the transaction to verify that it's fully operational.  

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