This is an easy quick-step guide to connect your printer with USB

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On the printer

  1. Unbox the printer, and connect the power supply.

  2. Take the charging cable used for the iPad, and connect it on the back of the printer.

  3. Unbox the receipt paper and put it in the printer as shown on the picture.

  4. Turn on the printer on the left-hand side.

On the iPad

  1. Turn on the iPad.

  2. Connect the charger cable to the iPad

  3. Go to "Appstore".

  4. Press on the "Search" tab in the right-foot corner.

  5. Search for "TSP100III Utility".

  6. Press on "Get".

  7. Open the App.

  8. Press on the tab saying "Unselected State".

  9. Select device called "TSP143III-XXXXX"

  10. Press "Apply" in the right-foot corner.

Connect the printer in Shopbox

  1. Open Shopbox.

  2. Press the printer icon at the top of your screen.

  3. Select "Mainprinter"

  4. Press on the bar saying "Press here to select printer".

  5. From the buttom of the screen pops up a grey window. Select device called "USB:TSP100".

  6. Press "done" on the right-hand side of the screen.

  7. Press on "Save".

  8. Then there appears a box asking if you want to connect to the printer, and do a test print. Press "yes" to that.

  9. A small piece of paper saying "Mainprinter test" should be printed.

  10. If not, check if paper sitting correctly.

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