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Create a Sum-Up account
Create a Sum-Up account

How to create a Sum-Up account

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When using a Sum-Up terminal with Shopbox, you need to have a Sum-up account . This is very simple, and can be done as so:

  1. Press this link.

  2. The link will take you to Sum-Up login page.

  3. Click on the button saying "Opret konto".

  4. In the little window, select what country your company is registered in.

  5. Then click "Fortsæt".

  6. Enter your e-mail and preferred password.

  7. Remember to tick off the box, with terms and agreements.

  8. Click on "Fortsæt".

  9. Now you'll be asked if you want to buy a Card reader.

  10. Click on "Jeg har allerede en Sum-up kortlæser" in the right-hand corner.

  11. Click "Fortsæt til Dashboard".

  12. Enter the required company details.

  13. Click on "Gem og Fortsæt".

  14. Fill out the information boxes, and click on "Gem".

  15. Write your Bank account info for payments.

  16. Click on "Gem".

You have now created af Sum-Up account.

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