How to activate your Sum-Up terminal

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Do you already have a Sum-Up account? If not, click here.

If you already have one, or just created one, follow these steps to connect your Sum-up with Shopbox.

  1. Turn on your terminal, press the white button, on the right side og the terminal.

  2. Open your iPad, and then go to Shopbox.

  3. Add a product to the basket (Atleast cost

  4. Press on the "Card" button.

  5. In the window appearing, login with your Sum-Up account.

  6. Now your iPad looks for Sum-Up terminal.

  7. After 10-20 seconds the iPad will show the last 3 digits of the serial number of the terminal. Verify that they are the same as on the terminal (Flip the terminal, serial nr. is shown on the back in the left-foot corner).

  8. Now the terminal is ready to accept payment.

  9. Complete the transaction.

  10. Shopbox now says "Complete" and you have done your first transaction on your new terminal.

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