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This is an easy guide to how you get MobilePay working with Shopbox

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First of all, you have to make an account at MobilePay Business. 

You start creating the account by clicking this link.
If you already are a customer of MobilePay Business, then proceed to point 6.

  1. Enter your e-mail address.

  2. Enter your preferred passcode, along with your phone number. Then accept terms and conditions.

  3. Go to your e-mail inbox, and open your newly received mail from Mobilepay. Inside you'll find a blue button saying "Bekræft din mail her"

  4. Login to

  5. Create your company in the MobilePay Business site, by entering the required information in the boxes.

  6. After this, you can choose a product. Select the "Point Of Sale" option.

  7. Enter the name of your shop, and maybe upload a picture of the Logo. This will be used when customers of yours will pay.

  8. Now in the "Point Of Sale løsning" box, select the option called "Ved Ikke".

  9. Fill out the boxes with Bank information, so MobilaPay knows where to put the money received.

  10. Select what payment model you prefer.

  11. Click on next to complete ordering MobilePay Business.

Practical Info

  • When you have created your account and ordered "Point Of Sale", it will take 2-3 weeks before you receive two e-mails from MobilePay. The first one contains some files that we need to intergrate to Shopbox in order for this to work. The second one contains a passcode to open these files. You'll need to forward these to us and then we will set it up with your cashier system.

  • When you have received these, forward them to

  • Once you forward these to us, we'll order a QR-code for you to use at your store.

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