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Send invoice through Shopbox
Send invoice through Shopbox

In this article you can read more about how to create and send invoice through Shopbox

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First of all you will need to go into “Store settings” in to setup your invoice.

    1. Go to "store settings" through your backoffice
   2. Go to "Stores"
   3. Click on the Pen in the right side of the selected store you would like to edit                 receipt print

Picture 1: Edit store settings

Scroll down in the bottom, here you will be able to design and input information to your invoice

Design your invoice and credit note to take action on following:

  • Should the design affect all your invoices and credit notes

  • Uploading invoice logo

  • Payment deadline

  • Payment terms or custom invoice text

  • Whether or not that should be send a copy

Press "save" to exit
Afterwards you will have to restart Shopbox on your ipad or windows computer.

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