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Connect your printer to Shopbox
Connect your printer to Shopbox

In this article you can read about how to connect your printer to Shopbox

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You can connect your printer(s) in the "Printersettings"
You can acces printer settings by either pressing the printer icon on the top right corner or by pressing the 3 horizontal lines in the left corner, scroll down to settings and choose "Printersettings".


If you only need to connect 1 printer, do as following:

  1. Go to "printer setting"

  2. Click on "Main printer"

  3. Press the update button in the right corner.

  4. Click on "Click here to choose printer", right

  5. Choose your printer in the pop up bar in the bottom, and press "done" in the right side.

  6. when you've chosen your printer, press "Save"

  7. Press "yes" to do a test print.

  8. If the printer prints a little slip with the text "Main printer test", the printer is connected and ready to use.

  9. Press on the arrow back, in the left corner, until you're back at the cash register frontpage.

Multiple printer

If you've multiple printers to connect, this is only if you're using the Restaurant module, with kitchen print.
First thing you will need to do is creating one or more printer groups in your backoffice ( before you will be able to access your printing groups through your iPad.

Manual for printer settings
printerindstillinger til Backoffice her.

Whether you need to connect one or multiple printers, you will need to connect them as the step guide you can see above.

Activating automatic printing receipt :

It's not a legal requirement, to print receipts to the customer.
this is why when doing a cash payment the print is not automatically printed.
If you want the printer to print out every transactions automatically, you can go into printer settings and activate the "Print receipts out after every transaktion"



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