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WiFi printer (TSP100)
WiFi printer (TSP100)

This is an easy quick-step guide to configure your TSP100 printer using WiFi.

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On the printer

  1. Put in the receipt paperroll in the printer as demonstrated on the inside of the lit.

  2. Connect the power supply to the printer. Turn it on the left side while holding the feed button down similtaneously. 

  3. Throw away the first receipt, but safe the other for the time being. We need that for later.

Go to the iPad

If you got your iPad from Shopbox the first 4 steps will already be done

  1. Go to Appstore.

  2. Press on the search button in the right foot corner.

  3. Search for "TSP100II Utility"

  4. Press on the "Get" button. 

  5. Now go to settings in the iPad.

  6. Choose "WiFi" menu,

  7. Connect to the WiFi network called TSP100II-XXXXXX (To be more specific the network is listed on the receipt we kept from earlier. But don't throw this out yet.)

  8. There will be a pop-up window where it asks if you want to connect to the network. Press on the "Yes" button.

  9. Go to the TSP100II Utility app.

  10. Press on the red button saying "Unselected state".

  11. In the "Select device" menu, select the new printer just added.

  12. Press the "Apply" button in the right foot corner.

  13. This will get you send back to the main menu.

  14. Press on "Device management".

  15. This will take you into the Safari-App.

  16. Press "Login" in the menu, to your left-hand side.

  17. Now it requires you to enter username and password. They are as follows.
    Username: root
    Password: public

  18. There will come up a box, asking you to change the login information. Press "No" or "Deny".

  19. Press on "WLAN Settings" in the menu, to your left-hand side.

  20. Select "Infrastructure Mode".

  21. Now enter the following things in the boxes bellow.
    SSID: The name of your WiFi.
    Security: Select option "WPA2/AES"
    Security-key: Passcode to your WiFi network.
    The menu is case-sensitive, which means that it will differentiate between capital and non-capital letters.
    All info needed is listed on the back of your router.

  22. When all entered, press the "Save" button in the menu on the left handside.

  23. Choose the option saying the following: Save -> Configuration printing -> restart device.

  24. Press execute.

  25. The printer will now reboot and print out a receipt simulair to the one kept from earlier.

  26. Leave Safari and go to Shopbox.

  27. Press the White printer icon in the black bar at the top right-hand corner.

  28. Press "Main printer" -> select printer -> Scroll down so the printer matching the printer locks in at the box at the top.

  29. Press "Done" on the right hand side for the Grey box to disapear.

  30. Press "Save" and then "Yes" to connect to the printer and do a test print.

Your printer is now connected and ready for use in Shopbox.

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