mPOP setup

This is an easy quick-step guide to how to connect the Star Micronics mPOP and use it with Shopbox

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Setting up mPOP

On the mPOP

  1. Connect the power supply to the mPOP, and then to the output in the wall.

  2. Connect your iPad charger, to the USB outlet in the back of your mPOP.

  3. Put the receipt paper, in the printhead. This is how do it.
    a. Press the printer section, so it pops out to you. Pull the blue lever towards you, so the lit open up.
    b. Put the paper in, as shown on the picture below.
    c. Close the lit, and push the paper section back in the box.

  4. Turn on the mPOP on the left side of the mPOP.

On the iPad

  1. Go to settings in the iPad.

  2. Go to bluetooth.

  3. In the section called "Other devices" there will be a device called "STAR mPOP-XXXXX". Press on that.

  4. Verify that it goes to the section above called "My devices" and as "Connected".

  5. Go to Shopbox.

  6. Press the white printer icon in black bar at the top of the menu.
    a. Select "mainprinter".
    b. Press the blank field.
    c. Select "BT:mPOP"
    d. Press done on the right-hand side.
    e. Press save. Then there will appear a box, asking if you want to establish a connection and do a test print. Confirm that by pressing "Yes".

  7. Now there should be a little slip of paper, saying test print, on the printer side. if not, try to see if the paper is placed correctly and try these steps again.


On the mPOP

  1. Flip the mPOP on it's back.

  2. In the section with power supply, USB etc. there is an red button almost hidden by the metal. Take a pen or a needle and hold it in until you hear a clicking like noise from the mPOP.

On the iPad.

  1. Go to "Settings".

  2. Select Bluetooth.

  3. Press on the bluetooth device "Star mPOP-XXXXX" to reestablish connection.

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