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Bluetooth printer - Star Micronics 650
Bluetooth printer - Star Micronics 650

This is an easy quick-step guide to pair your iPad with your printer.

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Connecting the printer

Connect the power supply to the printer, and the power outlet in the wall.
a. Remember to pull back the hood on the cable, for it to connect correctly.

Turn on the printer.
a. The power button is found on the left-hand side.
b. When it's turned on, a green light will appear on the front.

Connect the printer to the iPad
a. Open up your iPad, and go to "Settings".
b. Select "Bluetooth" on the left-hand side.
c. Hold the "Pair" button down 8-10 seconds.
d. On the iPad, select device called "Star Micronics".

Connect printer in Shopbox
a. Press the white printer icon, in the black bar at the top of the screen.
b. Choose option called "Main Printer"
c. Click on the blank section under "Main Printer"
d. Look at the grey box at the bottom, and select device called "Star Micronics".
e. Press "Save".
f. A box will appear asking if you want to connect to printer, and do a test print. Click on "Yes".
g. The printer will print a little paper slip to verify the connection.


  1. While the printer is turned on and connected to your iPad, hold the "reset" button down. (Look to picture 7).

a. Hold it down for 10-15 seconds, then you'll hear a clicking noise.
b. When you hear the noise, release the pressure on the button.

2. On your iPad the printer will most likely be "Not connected". Tap on the device for it to establish connection again.

3. There will appear a little paper slip telling you if "Auto connection" is "ON/OFF".
a. If the note says "OFF" repeat the step from picture 7.

Connecting the cash drawer

You want to use your cash drawer with Shopbox?

That is very easy to setup. All you need is a RJ12 (Phone line) cable. Then you put one end in to the drawer, and the other on the back of the printer.

You can test it by clicking the three dots above the basket in Shopbox, and selecting the "Open register" tab.

This will only work if Printer is connected to iPad and set to "Main printer" in Shopbox.


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