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LAN printer - Star Micronics 650
LAN printer - Star Micronics 650

This is an easy quick-step guide to configure and connect your new printer

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Connect the printer

On the printer

  1. On the backside if the printer, put an ethernet- and phone -cable to it's respective ports.

  2. Connect the power supply to the printer and an power outlet.

  3. Put the paper in the printer

  4. Turn on the printer, while holding the "Feed" button down.

  5. Release the button when it starts to print.

  6. There will be to receipts printed. The 1st one can be discarded, while 2nd one we need to keep.

On your iPad

NOTE: If your iPad was bought from Shopbox, go to step 5.

  1. Make sure that your iPad is connected to the same WiFi as the printer is connected to.

  2. Go to "Appstore".

  3. Press on the "search" tap in the right-foot corner, and type "TSP100III Utility".

  4. Press on "Get".

  5. Open app "TSP100III Utility".

  6. Press on the red-blinking tap saying "Unselected State".

7. Select the device with the same IP address as the paper slip we saved from earlier.

8. Press on "Apply" in the right-foot corner.

9. Select "Device management".

10. Disable "Dynamic/DHCP".

11. Type an IP address, Subnet Mask & Default Gateway, preferred the same as on the receipt.

12. Press "Apply".

13. The printer will reboot and print a new receipt. This time with "(STATIC)" instead of "(DHCP)".

14. Now that the printer has static IP, we can open Shopbox.

15. Tap on the white printer icon, in the black bar at the top of your screen.

16. Select "Main Printer".

17. Tap on the box saying "Click here to select printer".

18. Select the printer with the IP-Address matching the receipt.

19. Press "Save" and then "Yes" to establish connection and do a test print.

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