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For an overview of your transactions, simply go to “Transactions” in the menu. On the left side, you will find all your transactions in chronological order, with the latest transaction at the top. The right hand side details of the selected transaction are shown below.

Each of the transactions in the summary shows:

  • Date of sale

  • Payment Form

  • Amount

  • Sales Period

Find a specific transaction

If you need to find specific transactions, you can search for “transactions” based on different criteria via “Filter”.

Criteria you can apply to are:

  • Form of payment (Card, Mobile, Gift, Cash, Invoice and other payment types)

  • Trans. ID / Order ID

  • The last 4 card digitsData / time

Picture 1: Filter transactions

For more information on each transaction, simply select the transaction. After that, the transaction will appear on the right.

Refund a transaction

To refund a transaction, simply find the specific transaction you want to return under the 'Transactions' menu.

  • Find the desired transaction

  • Touch the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner

  • Select “Refund transaction”

  • Choose a form of repayment

Picture 2: The transaction is shown in red when it is refunded

 If you have purchased the Gift Card module, you also have the option of refunding the amount as a gift card.


Extra receipt

 If you need an extra receipt of the transaction, you can print a receipt by tapping the printer icon on the right side. 

You also have the option of sending a copy of the receipt by mail to the customer, simply by: 

  • Touch the three vertical dots in the upper right hand side

  • Press “Send Copy by Mail”

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