Here's a quick on how set-up your iSMP to your Shopbox

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  1. Go to bluetooth settings on the iPad.

  2. Find the Nets merchant card.

  3. Press the "F1" button on the terminal, and swipe the merchant card through the side.

  4. Select menu option "Bluetooth". You can scroll down in the menu by pressing "F2" button. Press the green "Enter" button to enter menu.

  5. In bluetooth menu, select "Pair with phone".

  6. Now it's visible for pairing. So now you need to look on the iPad.

  7. Look to the section called "Other devices" and press on device called iSMP-XXXXX.

  8. Then there will appear a 6-cifer code on both devices. Press pair on the iPad and then "Enter" on the terminal.

  9. Press on a random number on the terminal, and then the red button for it to restart.

  10. After restart it's connected to iPad.

  11. Go to Shopbox, and give it 10-15 seconds for device to be fully accessible.

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